My Phone Photo Project

It’s time for further development on this photo blogging project. Currently, here’s what’s on the to do list

  • photoQ plugin modification
  • integration of geomapping plugin
  • related posts plugin modification
  • social buttons integration (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterist)
  • theme development (child theme on Genesis Framework)
  • automated tweets

I’ll update this post as items get added/crossed off the list. As I do research, I find there are plugin, php libraries, short codes, and other stuff to get incorporated. I’m open to feedback as to whether certain items should be theme incorporated, plugin incorporated, or other.

There’s more to this project than what is seen on the surface. Some server related processes (independent of WP) are functioning to make things work as they do.

I’m really interested in iptcparse and while photoQ utilizes some functions, I’d like to incorporate the library in much greater detail. I also see development of a stand alone plugin incorporating this library for other photo projects I’m working on. < Would love working with a programmer to accomplish this.

Related Posts – I like the plugin being used now, it’s pulling from tags and posting similar items. I’d like it to randomize vs using the past X number of posts though, since nearly everything here is images. I also want to get the photo title info incorporated into tags somehow, not figured that out yet.

GeoMapping plugin – I’ve tested several plugins for geo mapping but I require either a modification to the plugin, the photoQ plugin, or a 3rd plugin (or something else) that can intelligently auto determine location from exif data in photos and display a map accordingly.

EXIF in Post – Currently the exif data appearing in posts is processed as part of the photoQ plugin. I may post screenshots of what I envision it to do, may be better suited for theme work vs plugin work. Something like this is what I have in mind…

This [post title] photo was taken with [Make] model [Model] on [DateTime]. Photograph EXIF data says it was shot using an FStop Number of [FNumber]. The software version for this camera is [Software]. The altitude when taking the photo was [Altitude Reference].

It’s more useful that way (at least to me) than it is in bullet format.

There are some depreciated functions in the photoQ script, gotta address those too.

Automated Tweets – 2 things I’d like are ability to autotweet when post is made (to the twitter account for this site). Also an archive tweet that’s combination of random photo of the day or something subject based.

Upload Storage – I don’t really like how WordPress stores image files, not sure I want to modify too point WP updates will break functions, but I’d prefer all images in a single folder. Seems there’s more potential to create galleries and/or 3rd party access that way.

Comments – I like the idea of Facebook and/or Twitter login for comments. I have not yet researched a plugin to make that happen.

Contact me @chiropractic or post comments here if you have input or questions.

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